General Pricing Information
*As of June 1, 2008
General prices for SPACEXDOORS HIDE-A-DOOR BOOKSHELF range from around $1,550 to over $3,000 depending on size, style, wood, finish, and options. Prices do not include shipping and handling, or installation.

Examples of prices* for a basic 49" wide unfinished SPACEXDOOR bookcase in our three styles, and our three most popular woods are as follows.

  Masterpiece Classic Traditional
MDF $1,749 $1,642 $1,543
Oak $2,073 $1,988 $1,898
Maple $2,428 $2,212 $2,062

Specific SPACEXDOOR prices will vary depending on specific requirements as outlined below.

1. Size of bookcase needed to cover the opening.
Three standard width sizes are:.
A. 49" for openings from 24" to 45" wide.
B. 61" for openings up to 57".
C. 76" for openings up to 72". (Requires 3 bookcase panels)
D. Larger openings up to 10" are possible with combinations of "A" & "B".
E. Custom sizes are also available.

Measuring instructions can be found on our website - "" .

(Note, the SPACEXDOOR bookcase is positioned in-front of the door or opening. It is a stand-a-lone bookshelf, that has a valance with specially designed hardware attached to the wall above the doorway. Because the SPACEXDOOR covers the opening, it rarely requires remodeling be done to the opening size.)

Standard bookcase height is 83". The depth of the bookshelves are 8". The SPACEXDOOR with its patented heavy-duty roller mechanisms, if properly installed, will carry an additional 300 lbs of items and still easily open and close.

2. Style of Bookshelf
There are three standard styles.
A. Traditional No front stiles. Customer can customize trim.
B. Classic Front stile trim is a flat 2 ½" wide (no fluting).
C. Masterpiece Solid hardwood fluted front trim stiles 2 ½" wide.

3. Wood and veneers available
Most any wood is available, but prices vary depending of availability. The following are woods and veneers with which we have pricing experience:

MDF - Paint grade
Knotty Pine
Knotty Alder
Black Walnut

4. Finishes
Where possible, we recommend that doors be shipped unfinished, and that any staining and finishing be done at the customer location in order to match existing furniture and woodwork. Finishing and/or staining each add to the final price. Stain is available in a few standard colors only.

5. Options
There are several options that are available that will have an impact on the price.
A. Valance styles
        a. Standard (no cost)
        b. Crown, Contemporary, or Chair Rail
B. Bookcase height of 96"
C. Security Lock
D. Lighting package


* Note - Prices may change without notice.